Past UISUG program offerings:
Summer 2019 SAS® Summer Institute
Summer 2018 SAS® Summer Institute
Spring 2018 SAS® Speaker - Phil Gibbs
  • Step Up Your Statistical Practice With Today's SAS/STAT Software
  • Five Things You Should Know about Quantile Regression
Summer 2017 SAS® Summer Institute PDF iconPresentation Flyer
Spring 2017 Getting to Know PROC SQL (PDF iconPresentation Flyer)
Summer 2016 SAS® Summer Institute (PDF iconPresentation Flyer)
Spring 2016 Mixed Up About Mixed Models?
  • Comparing the SAS GLM and MIXED Procedures for Repeated Measures
  • Advanced Techniques for Fitting Mixed Models Using SAS/STAT Software
  • Using SAS PROC MIXED to Fit Multilevel Models, Hierarchical Models, and Individuals Growth Models
  • SAS/STAT Videos
    • Troubleshooting Convergence Failures in Mixed Models (2nd row)
    • Website
Fall 2015 Handling Missing Values with SAS: PROC MI and PROC MIANALYZE
Summer 2015 SAS® Summer Institute (PDF iconPresentation Flyer)
Spring 2015 Exploration of Health Care Data - Challenges, Potential, Analysis and Visualization - Laurie Rose, SAS® Health & Life Sciences Global Practice
Summer 2014 SAS® Summer Institute (PDF iconpresentation flyer) "Small Talks" (PDF iconpresentation flyer)
  • What's New in SAS® 9.4 (PDF iconslides)
  • PROC REPORT: A Better Way to Summarize and Display Data (PDF iconslides)
  • A Practical Example of SGPLOT Using Logistic Regression (PDF iconslides)
  • Introduction to Bootstrapping Simulation in SAS® (PDF iconslides)
      Recorded session
Spring 2014 "Pretty SAS® Output: Is it possible?!?" (PDF iconpresentation flyer)       Recorded session
Fall 2013 Seminar on SAS® Graphics (PDF iconpresentation flyer)
Summer 2013 Summer Institute - Beyond the Basics (PDF iconpresentation flyer)
  • SAS Enterprise Guide and Statistical Graphics
          (PDF iconhandout)   (sample EG project)
  • Running Routine Programs? How to Process Your Inputs Faster
          (PDF iconpaper)
  • Useful SAS Tips
          (PDF iconhandout)   (FileSAS code)
  • Power and Sample Size Calculations in SAS
      Recorded session (audio may be faint)
Summer 2011 PDF iconSummer Institute Boot Camp
Fall 2010 PDF iconODS for Statistical Graphs
PDF iconSAS Macros an Introduction
Summer 2010  PDF iconSummer Institute Boot Camp
Spring 2010 PDF iconCode Swap
PDF iconOther Resources on the web
PDF iconResources from the SAS website
  PDF iconSAS help from other SAS users
Fall 2009 PDF iconPValues that Pop and Graphics that Grab
Summer 2009 PDF iconAccessing Data with SAS.pdf
  PDF iconSAS - A Rapid Introduction.
  PDF iconSAS - Analyzing and Reporting Data with SAS
Spring 2009 PDF iconWriting cleaner and more powerful SAS code using macros
Fall 2008 PDF iconFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SAS
  PDF iconHandling Missing Values in your Analysis
  PDF iconHandling Missing Values in your Data
Spring 2008 PDF iconGetting your Data into SAS
  PDF iconUsing Virtual Desktop